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What to Expect with This Classic Game

People don’t really think much about card games played online. Like with the famous Microsoft game of Solitaire that every government worker and office drone played on the down low while their bosses aren’t looking or when it’s a slow day at the office, it is what it is. You can play gin rummy online the same way you’d play ordinary gin on a rainy day, except this time the cards are made of ones and zeroes and drawn by computer. The game of gin was originally invented by Elwood T. Baker and C. Graham Baker, who are father and son respectively. It was made all the way back in 1909 and is still played to this day.

The Card Game and the Video Game

  • History of Gin Rummy Explained:In regards to the History of Gin the Card Game, Gin was derived from Whiskey Poker back in the 19th Century (or the 1800s). So it’s a game from a century ago made from a game from two centuries ago. What’s more, it has a drink naming scheme to boot. It’s supposed to be faster than standard Rummy (another card game) but it’s less random and spontaneous than Knock Rummy. So you can see the family line in action there. Then again, this is just a theory from John Scame.
  • Around for Nearly a Century:┬áIt’s a game that survived from the days of the Old West to the Modern Era and to the Digital Era or the Technology Era. Therefore, like with Solitaire and Blackjack, kids nowadays can play one of the pastimes of their grandfathers, great-grandfathers, or outright forefathers in digital form. Gin rummy or gin is a card game that has gotten modern success like UNO and Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s only natural that gin would have its own mobile or Flash game equivalent that’s playable online.
  • The Browser Game Version of Gin: There are also gin games available in platforms or consoles like Xbox 360. Naturally, they’re more advanced, but when it comes to card games, do you really need sweeping cut scenes or grand story lines such as those found in games like The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto, or even Mortal Kombat. The game play and sparse graphics speak for themselves. This is a must-play for anyone who has ever played and enjoyed gin.
  • What If You Don’t Know How to Play Gin? There’s a tutorial on how to play gin included in the game of gin. If you’ve ever played any card games before you should be able to pick up gin rummy really easily. You can do practice runs with a computer opponent before trying your luck with a stranger on the Internet. Just a few matches are all you need in order to pick up how to properly play gin. The graphics are streamlined and perfectly convey the game play without leaving you confused.
  • Player versus Player or Random AI Opponents: If you’re a beginner player of gin, you should definitely face off with random AI opponents first that gradually increase with difficulty as you beat them one-by-one. This way you can avoid mismatches and you’re able to perfect your skill on the game. You can play on tournaments as well since this is an online game, but most of your “wins” on this mode is getting your name up the leader board at most.

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